Replacement parts for iPhone repairs


1. Price and Stock Availability

As a new customer who purchase goods from Aviso for the first time, sometimes he/she may ask why the price is unstable, and why the product get out of stock? here is the answer. Most of those replacment parts are from many special source, and produced without any schedule by third party factory. So the supply is unstable, which resulted in the change on the price. Supplies determine the price. Therefore when the stock is enough, the price would be lower, but when the stock is insufficient, then of course the price would be high.

However we always try our best to avoid such kind of changes by confirming both the price and stock when you placing order.

2. Leadtime

Generally speaking 2-3 working days are needed for us to prepare the goods, including inspection and testing. Collectoin and testing will be proceeded after we got your payment of payment copy. And goods will be dispatched after receiving the full payment.

3. Packing

Frequently Asked Questions

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