Replacement parts for iPhone repairs

Who we are?

Who we are?

Quality, Reliability, Integrity Known in the mobile phone replacement parts industry for its commitment to quality, reliability and integrity, Aviso Enterprise Limited is dedicated to keeping its cellphone repair parts industry customers throughout China, as well as oversea markets. Aviso engaged in cellphone spare parts industry for years and provided all kinds of business solutions for any kinds of mobile phone repair parts, the screen display replacments, battery replacement, housing and...

Our Team

Aviso engaged in mobile phone replacement parts industry for years and provided full rnage of business solutions for any kinds of cellphone repair parts, the screen display replacments, battery replacement, housing and casing replacment, flex cables and other replacment parts. Our strong sales team is always serving on you. Sourcing and QC teams are dedicated on the quality control and stable sources. Our shipping department ensures fast, accurate and safe package and shipping. Sales...

Our Reliability

Aviso's reliability secures win-win business. 1. Reliability on service Our professional sales team can get response to you within 12 hours after getting your inquiry email, with all detailes as per your requests. Also our online sales would try to provide solutions on Skype, MSN, even on the phone. 2. Reliability on quality Sincerity is the most important. Our sales always tell the ture quality of the product we are selling, as the price would be vary among different quality. Therefore...


Recycle cracked, broken or damaged screens for Samsung, iPhone and Get cash back We buy your old iPhones, iPads and Samsung mobile phones, even broken front screens for iPhone, Samsung. If you have batch used iPhones in hand, or hundreds of broken iphone / samsung front screens, then please contact us and we ensure you will give top price. Of course monthly volume would be better. Why sell to us to make money? 1. Trusted & green iPhone recycle enterprise since 2009 2. Give top dollar for...


1. Price and Stock Availability As a new customer who purchase goods from Aviso for the first time, sometimes he/she may ask why the price is unstable, and why the product get out of stock? here is the answer. Most of those replacment parts are from many special source, and produced without any schedule by third party factory. So the supply is unstable, which resulted in the change on the price. Supplies determine the price. Therefore when the stock is enough, the price would be lower, but when...

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