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Search Keywords Suggestion

Here are some most regular search keywords that our customer used, in order to help you find what you are looking for quickly and precisely.

Different customers from different countries has different seraching habits, therefore we listed following standard search names about cell phone repair parts and accessories according to different search habits.

Back Cover

Also searched via: battery door, back case, back housing, housing cover, rear case, rear housing

For example: iPad cover, iPhone cover, apple watch cover

Charging Port Flex Cable

Also searched via: charging port flex, charging ribbon, charging flex, dock connector, docking connector, usb charging port

For example: iphone 5s charging port flex, samsung dock connector flex, apple watch microphone flex

Glass Lens

Also searched via: glass, touch panel, glass digitizer, glass panel, touch screen digitizer

For example: iphone glass, samsung glass lens, apple watch glass lens


Also searched via: housing, faceplate housing, housing case, housing cover, back cover housing

For example: iPad air back housing, Samsung housing, apple watch housing

LCD Screen and Digitzer Assembly

Also searched via: front screen assembly, lcd assembly, lcd digitizer assembly, lcd & touch screen, complete screen

For example: iPhone 5S lcd digitizer assembly, Samsung galaxy S3 i9300 front screen assembly, apple watch lcd digitizer assembly

LCD Screen Display

Also searched via: lcd, lcd display, lcd screen, lcd display screen

For example: iPhone lcd screen, Samsung LCD display screen, Amazon Kindle Screen, ASUS Tablets Screen

Middle Plate

Also searched via: middle plate housing, middle chassis plate, middle frame, bezel frame, mid-plate, middle board

For example: iPhone 4s middle plate housing, Samsung Galaxy S4 front bezel frame

Touch Screen Digitizer

Also searched via: digitizer, touch screen, digitizer touch panel, glass touch panel

For example: iPad mini digitizer, samsung lcd digitizer, apple watch touch panel digitizer

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