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Welcome to wholesale category for iPhone conversion kits from Aviso, which is the leading supplier of iPhone replacement parts. In this iphone color swap category many kinds of colorful iPhone conversion kits are included, such as pink, purple, red, blue, green ect, as well as other mirror plating colors - plating red, plating green, plating blue and so on.

iPhone conversion kit are used not only to replace the cracked front screen, or the scratched back cover, but also make iPhone unique and attactive, and that's why they are so popular with many customes around the world. iPhone 4 conversion kit is in stock as well as iPhone 4s conversion kits. Of course Aviso will continuously supply conversion kit for new iPhone 5 soon.

Wholesale iPhone Conversion Kits, iPhone Color Swap, iPhone Repair Kit from China

What kind of iPhone Conversion Kits is the exactly one I need? That's really important before buying a new parts. For cracked glass screen, or the touch panel won't respond, then a new touch screen digitizer is needed. If the lcd display has inky spots issues, Aviso offers a replacement LCD screen that can resolve the issue. All lcd screen display issues can be fixed with our replacement LCD screen. If the home button doesn't work, then our replacement home button is the wonderful choice, as it is desinged to fit your smartphone perfectly. If the battery can't be charged, or it drains fast, we have a replacement battery collection to solve your problem. Whatever iPhone Conversion Kits you need just browse all the categories and selet what you are looking for.

Within our collection of iPhone Conversion Kits wholesale, you will found almost repair parts to fix iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC smartphones, as well as other branded phones. When you order parts from Aviso, we ensure you are getting a brand new iPhone Conversion Kits, iPhone Color Swap, iPhone Repair Kit from China of the highest quality, whoever you are the wholesaler, local distributor, importer, repair shops... We always offer competitive prices with reliable quality. Any questions on the screen display, faceplate housings, charging docking flex cables or others, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.

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