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Gold Middle Chassis Plate iPhone 4S

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iPhone 4S Gold metal middle chassis plate + antenna replacement for iPhone 4S repair

  • Brand New original Apple iPhone 4S golden middle cover plate
  • Quality material, premium craftsmanship
  • 100% perfect fit with other parts, such as iPhone 4S Front Screen Assembly Black with Frame, iPhone 4S back cover
  • Replace your Apple iPhone 4S scratched, dented, or cracked antenna middle plate with new one
  • This gold middle chassis plate set includes:
    • gold mid plate
    • gold sim card tray
    • gold button sets: volume / power / mute
    • gold bottom screw set of 2 pcs
  • Will be fully insptected & tested before shipping

The iPhone 4S gold middle chassis plate is the backbone of your iPhone 4S and make your iPhone into golden housing. Other internal components are then added by screwing into the iPhone 4S chassis. The metal middle chassis plate also houses the iPhone antenna. This great design compacts the space needed to keep all the parts held together in into the mid chassis plate. If your iPhone 4S middle chassis plate is scratched, dented, or even cracked this is the part you need.

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