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iPad Mini and Thinner & Faster 9.7 Inch iPad will be released Same Day?

During an announcement event centering around the new, 7.85″ iPad mini, Apple may spring another surprise on us with the introduction of a revised, fourth-generation standard 9.7″ iPad. The refreshed iPad would boast features that bring it in-line with Apple’s latest technologies, including a further-improved display. Admittedly, it would make sense for Apple to share iPad mini’s spotlight with its trend-setting precursor.

If Apple were to break the 9.7″ iPad’s release cycle, the move would at the very least add the much-speedier A6 chip found in iPhone 5 that Apple designed in-house. Those in need of another Lightning cable around their house can rejoice since the new iPad would also include the shrunken Lightning connector.

As its products are getting diminutively thin, it should also come as no surprise that the fourth-generation iPad will take further steps to downsize. The addition of Sharp’s power-efficient IGZO display technology would contribute to a thinner, possibly improved Retina Display. As a result of this along with further component changes, battery life could also be improved.

iPad mini

Utilizing a chip similar to what is found in iPhone 5, international 4G LTE support would also be added to the new iPad. More color options could also find their way into the mix, if recent product launches are any indication.

Part numbers have leaked for the iPad mini and what has been speculated to be a new iPad, adding to the release fire with 12 different SKU numbers for the mini joining 12 for what may be its full-sized 9.7″ alternative.

Editor’s take: As the majority of its lineup’s upgrades have been moved to a fall timeframe, it does seem sensible that Apple could decide to move one of its hottest-selling devices to right before the holiday season as well. After all, who wants to give an iPad knowing that it will be vastly improved in the spring?

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iPad 3 & iPad 4 Announced this year

In an effort to continue throwing ideas at the wall to see what might stick, the only occasionally reliable Digitimes today reported that not only will Apple be releasing the iPad 3 with high-resolution Retina display in March as is widely expected, but that the company will follow that up with the release of the iPad 4 in October.

ipad 3

On the topic of the iPad 3, Digitimes suggests that the Retina display will be the main attraction of the new device, with better battery life also serving to entice customers. But other hardware upgrades for the iPad 3 are said to be rather minimal, as Apple is reportedly rolling out the iPad 3 alongside an iPad 2 price cut to $399 as an interim effort to set the stage for a bigger battle with the competition later in the year.

Apple will ship the so-called iPad 3 with a full HD display in March and then iPad 4, named so by its component suppliers, with killer applications in October, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

But a true battle for market share will arrive in the second half of the year when Apple ships its iPad 4 in October, about the time when Microsoft releases its Window 8 and Intel unveils its Clover Trail-W platform, the sources commented.

The 9.7 inch iPad 4 is expected to come with much upgraded hardware specifications and integrated applications so as to compete with an array of Android, Wintel or WoA (Windows on ARM) based tablet PCs to be released in the fourth quarter, said the sources.

The rumor is somewhat reminiscent of last year’s round of claims, which suggested that the iPad 2’s successor would appear in late 2011 as an interim upgrade carrying a Retina display. Claims of a late 2011 iPad came from several different sources in July and early August of last year before other sources including The Wall Street Journal put the claim to rest.

Digitimes has a proliferative record of Apple-related rumors and has occasionally offered accurate information. But its information is generally considered unreliable given a significant number of claims that have failed to materialize. Claims of two separate iPad launches this year are sure to pique interest though, and we’ll be waiting to hear if other sources offer similar information going forward.