iPhone 4S Original Battery Available at Aviso

Feb. 14, 2012 – Aviso Enterprise Limited, the leading supplier of iphone repair parts, announced that curerntly they have the original replacement battery available for those whose iPhone 4S orignal battery happen to go out quickly.

iphone 4s original battery
iphone 4s original batteryiphone 4s original battery
Looked carfully all those pictrues of our original battery. Have you seen from our picture that what are the difference between original battery and high copy battery? yes, it is obvious that the original battery is in top A craftship, and tidy from the appearance. Also the code on the battery body is different from each. Have you got aware of this? Please contact Aviso for competitive price.

If you are not familiar whith how to replace iPhone 4S battery, then the iPhone 4S repair guide shows how to install and replace it. The directions show step by step how to replace iPhone 4S screen, battery and other parts. Just like in the past Aviso was the first to carry parts for the iPhone 4S as soon as it was available. Alos the iPhone 4s lcd screen assembly are available in black and white, as well as 100% original black/white front screen assembly.

Meanwhile colorful conversion kit are in stock for those who always do “DO IT YOURSELF” works. For example, iPhone 4S red conversion kit, iPhone 4S green conversion kit, iPhone 4s blue conversion kit and pink conversion kit…which looks shining and luxury. However they will be more attractive if the goes with iPhone 4S gold mid plate chassis, which is really luxry, right?


7 thoughts on “iPhone 4S Original Battery Available at Aviso

  1. Barney Fontelroy

    Hi,You showed how to use the heat gun to make it easier to open the iPod.I wonder if before I close (Reassembly) the iPod, I will need to use adhesive?How do you use that?You need to put adhesive all around the bezel?

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  3. Sergio Bryington

    If you have ever damaged your iPhone screen before, then you know that you will need to fix it ASAP. You must replace the iphone screen or fix the digitiser, or else the phone is worthless with broken glass. The replacement iphone screens are available all over the net, just take a look!

  4. Keith Vidrine

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