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Mockup Comparison – iPhone 6 VS iPod Touch

Italian site Macitynet, which previously published several photos of a fairly good quality physical mockup of the rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6 based on design drawings from Japanese magazine MacFan, has now shared an interesting new photo set comparing the mockup to a current-generation iPod touch.

The photos clearly show how similar the two devices are in design, from the curved edges on the rear shell to the style of speaker holes along the bottom edge. The iPhone 6 at 7.0 mm thick based on the design drawings is clearly thicker than the iPod touch at 6.1 mm, although the iPhone 6 would still be noticeably thinner than the iPhone 5s at 7.6 mm.

iPhone 6The iPhone 6 of course has larger height and width than the iPod touch, given that the body must accommodate a 4.7-inch display compared to the 4-inch display of the iPod touch.

The style is naturally also similar to the iPhone 5c, which itself took some design cues from the iPod touch, although the bright rear shell colors are the defining features of the iPhone 5c and they are unlikely to make their way into Apple’s flagship iPhone 6.

In addition to the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, Apple is rumored to be launching an even larger model with a 5.5-inch display, although that may follow several months after the smaller version. High-quality physical mockups of that device have yet to appear, although users with access to a 3D printer can print their own using files based on the design drawings published by MacFan earlier this year.

Source from MacRumors


iPad Mini – Thinner, Lighter and Narrower

A trio of reports out today is beginning to pin down some more rumored details for Apple’s smaller “iPad mini“, suggesting that the device will carry a narrower profile than previously thought and perhaps match the iPod touch’s 7.2 mm thickness.

The first report comes from 9to5 Mac, which claims that the iPad mini will “look like a big iPod touch”, with narrower bezels along the sides of the device paired with more traditional, thicker bezels at the top and bottom.
This iPod touch-like design makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons. For one, when compared to the Nexus 7 (and Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab 7, RIM Playbook, etc.), this would give the iPad mini a similar, “purse-able,” and “big pocket-able” form factor but with a larger 4:3 display. The lack of a bezel on the sides will make it easier to hold too.
The report goes on to speculate that the iPad mini will offer at least a front-facing camera and perhaps LTE connectivity on some models, and a lack of significant part leaks suggests that the device may not be ready to begin shipping for several more months.

Apple iPad mini

The second report comes from iMore, which backs up the earlier report and offers its own thoughts on the iPad mini’s design, as well as a rendering of the rumored device.
Based on several sources, I believe that design to be an accurate representation of what the iPad mini will look like. In addition, it’s my understanding that it will be the exact same thinness as the iPod touch, which is substantially thinner than the 9.7-inch iPad. The quick mockup [below] shows what I believe are accurate proportions for the iPad mini compared to the 9.7-inch iPad and the current generation iPod touch 4.

Finally, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber shares his thoughts on the device, including his belief that some of the leaked rear shell photos may indeed be genuine given the similarities seen among several independent leaks. Gruber goes on to argue in support of the narrower side bezels, noting that with the device falling in between the full-size iPad and the iPod touch its design is likely to similarly fall somewhere between the two existing devices.
The iPad 3 — the whole device, not just the display — measures 241.2?×?185.7 mm. Divide and that comes out to roughly 1.3, which is very close to the aspect ratio of the iPad display.

That’s not true for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The iPhone 4S is 115.2?×?58.6 mm; divide and you get roughly 1.97 — far different proportions than the 1.5 (3:2) aspect ratio of the display. Again, just look at it.

Should not the iPad Mini fall somewhere in between?
Gruber goes on to perform some calculations estimating the size of the iPad mini at roughly 200 x 135 mm, only slightly larger than Google’s Nexus 7 despite having a screen 0.85 inches larger diagonally, a feat made possible by the narrow side bezels on the iPad mini.

But with a thickness in line with the iPod touch, the iPad mini would be one-third thinner than the Nexus 7 and thus encompass roughly one-third less volume and one-third less weight. Comparing this to the Nexus 7’s weight of 340 grams, Gruber suggests that the iPad mini could weigh just 265 grams, marking a major weight savings over the full-size iPad while still retaining a reasonable display size.

Details on Apple’s release plans for the iPad mini remain up in the air, but iMore appears to be standing by its earlier claim that the device will be introduced at Apple’s iPhone media event reportedly set for September 12. Unlike the next-generation iPhone, it will likely be a fair amount of time before the iPad mini actually launches, with the company likely to begin ramping production to achieve availability just in time for the holiday shopping season.


iPad Mini As Thin As iPod Touch?

10.1″ iPad’s little brother has been slimming down, working off those calories in vicious Temple Run sessions. The rumored iPad Mini could look quite distinct in comparison to the current model. It could be taking a significant reduction in all dimensions to become extremely minimal for a tablet of its class.

iPad Mini

Amazon’s Kindle Fire may be blown-out to a flicker by iPad Mini’s slender appearance. Reports claim that iPad Mini will be reminiscent of iPod touch’s thickness, meaning that iPad Mini could be about 25% thinner than its bigger brother at around 7.2mm.

Another source firmly believes that iPad Mini gives off the appearance of a third-generation iPod nano. Sporting an aggressively tapered glossy metal design, iPod nano was a trendsetter that went on to inspire iPod touch’s casing.

iPad Mini will include 3G, although it may be sorely lacking in major features. Current reports would lead us to believe that iPad Mini will not include a Retina Display, rather simply a 1024×768 display that echoes the original’s resolution. A lower-resolution display requires less battery life, giving Apple the flexibility to reduce its size footprint.

Current release is set to be on a date sometime prior to the holidays. Foxconn will produce the tablet in Brazil, beginning in September as rumor has it.


Want to Change Your iPod Touch 4 into Attractive Colors?

Want to Change Your iPod Touch 4 into Attractive Colors?

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App Downloads Increased – Big Contribution from China

According to a new report that China has became the major App Store user, accounting for 30 percent of overall downloads and nearly half of iPad apps. Furthermore, it is reported that the downloads from Asian country almost doubled, rising to 30%, compared to 18% in this January. The numbers are even more staggering for iPad apps. China accounts for 44 percent of all App Store tablet downloads.

Angry bird

This shouldn’t be too surprising, given CEO Tim Cook’s fourth quarter remarks describing Apple’s progress in China as “amazing” and calling the country an “enormous opportunity” for the Cupertino, Calif. firm. China represents 16 percent of Apple’s overall revenue, or $4.52 billion, the tech giant reported during the September quarter.

Another interesting tidbit: 50 percent of App Store cash come from freemium and in-app purchases via the top 200 most-grossing apps, Distimo said. The App Store is still miles ahead of the Android Market. The iPhone alone has 79,077 App Store games, versus 46,045 Android Market game apps. When you toss in nearly 29,000 iPad games, Apple’s lead is even more clear.

With the end of 2011 almost upon us, Distimo added to the collection of Best of the Year compilations, this time naming Rovio’s Angry Birds as the year’s best app. The No. 2 slot went to Facebook’s app, while Skype, Angry Birds Rio and Google Maps rounded out the top-five. Not surprisingly, Google Maps was the only app not available in Apple’s App Store. The Apple-only iBooks App placed in the No. 6 position.