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The top 3 connected devices in US


In the US, Apple is clearly in the lead and holding its own against the competition. Apple also dominates in the UK, but it appears that Android and, particularly, Windows Phone took a bite from Apple’s lead. Now that the iPhone 4S is available, it will be interesting to see if this trend continues in the current quarter.

JiWire culls a requests from approximately 289,000 public Wi-Fi locations in the US and uses this information to produce a quarterly report on mobile devices. Its latest report for Q3 2011 confirms what Apple fans already know — iOS devices rule in the connected device category.

In its broadest sense, a “connected device” is any device that connects to the Internet. For the sake of this study, connected devices are defined as mobile devices that may or may not have a cellular connection. It’s the device you pull out of your bag when you’re sitting at Starbucks.

According to JiWire, almost 80 percent of ad requests in the US come from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The iPhone is number one with 41.9 percent of ad requests, the iPad is second with 23.8 percent and the iPod touch is third with 14.1 percent. Number four is Windows Mobile 7 with 4.9 percent, and the numbers drop precipitously from there.

From quarter to quarter, iOS fell 2 percent, but it still has a significant lead over Android in the US. Ad requests from iOS devices (79.9 percent) are 7 times greater than Android (11.0 percent). Interestingly enough, the mobile platform with the biggest jump is Windows Phone. It’s in third place with 5.2 percent of the ad requests, but its quarterly share jumped 1.2 percent. Microsoft recently released Windows Phone 7.5 Mango and unveiled its first Nokia Windows Phone handsets; two factors which could explain this jump

A similar trend occurred in the UK. The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are the top three connected devices with 71.1 percent of the ad requests. Android is second with 16.6 percent, and Windows Phone is third with 8.1 percent. iOS, though, dropped a significant 6.5 percent, while Windows Phone jumped 5.5%. Android was the only other platform to gain ground last quarter in the UK. It climbed 1.5 percent, while all other platforms fell.


Downgrade possible – iFaith Updated Supporting Dumping iOS 5.0.x SHSH Blobs


Few months back, ih8sn0w – developer of popular jailbreaking tool Sn0wbreeze had released a tool called iFaith that allowed users to take a dump of SHSH blobs of the iOS running on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV 2G.

As you know there is another tool called TinyUmbrella that also takes a backup of SHSH blobs.

The key difference between iFaith and TinyUmbrella was that, while TinyUmbrella only allows you to take SHSH blobs of iOS that Apple is signing by contacting Apple’s servers, iFaith dumped SHSH blobs for whatever iOS that is currently installed on your iOS device even if Apple is not signing it.

ih8sn0w has just updated iFaith to add support for dumping iOS 4.4.x and iOS 5.0.x SHSH blobs. Here are the list of changes from the release notes:

  • Now dumps iOS 4.4.x (Apple TV 2)/5.0.x apticket + SHSH blobs!
  • Dumping is MUCH faster.
  • Full Windows XP support.
  • Major code improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Important: Please note iFaith does not support A5 devices (iPhone 4S and iPad 2) yet.
With iOS 5, since Apple has made it difficult to downgrade to a previous iOS version using SHSH blobs, there is another advantage of using iFaith. Since iFaith dumps the SHSH blobs along with the apticket, ih8sn0w claims that while the SHSH blobs backed up using TinyUmbrella are useless, it will be possible to downgrade to an older iOS version if you have dumped SHSH blobs with the apticket using iFaith.

Since you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device to use iFaith, we would strongly recommend you to dump SHSH blobs of your iOS device as soon as possible.


Have Fixed Your iPhone 4 Home Button?

iPhone 4 Home Button

According to a reports, more and more iPhone 4 users are claiming some problems of their iPhone 4 home buttons. They said was confused as the button sometimes work and sometime okay. Meanwhile they claimed have not found the reason and thus till now have been unable to fix the home button problem.

However fortunately the major problems come with the bugs from some applications, rather than hardware. So this kind of home button problem can be easily fixed rahter than waiting it to restor.

Firstly open any one application and sametime press and hold on the power button for seconds till “slid to power off” apprears on the screen. But please do not slid to shut down your iPhone. Second what you should do is to press & hold on home button for seconds till the screen is directed to Springboard. Now the home button is re-set and fixed, and it should works well. However if you still have same problem after doing this, then probably the key problem come with your hardware. You can send your iPhone 4 to you local Apple after-serice shops for repair.

if you feel that it is time costing or very expensive to send your iPhone 4 to your local repair shops, you can repair the home button yourself. Pleas do not worry as in fact it is very easy. You can check the iPhone 4 repair guide telling you how to replace your home button flex cable and you can buy the iPhone 4 home butotn flex cable and iPhone open tools easily, which is convenient and cheap.

Did you try? Have you fixed your iPhone 4 home button now?


HP TouchPad Comes Again at US$ 99

HP Touchpad


Few days ago HP TouchPad was sold at a very cheap price of us$ 99.00 as clearance, which resulted in the panic buying of many customers. Because it is really a competitive price so many customer placed the order but didn’t get the TouchPad. Do not be so dispointed, men: new lots of HP TouchPad will come, to satisfy it’s sincere fans.

It is reported that the SMB department of HP release his email: HP will continue to supply TouchPad to those who placed the order but didn’t get real TouchPad. HP also claimed the sold price is also as before, at us$ 99.00. In this email HP also mentioned that the second lots of TouchPad will be available within 6 to 8 weeks, which will be only availabe for SMB customers. That is those people who didn’t placed the order are not access to the new supply of TouchPad.

The new lots of TouchPad would be released end of Oct., according to HP’s schedule. HP claimed that new lots will be released. it is supposed to be the new lots of TouchPad.

Till now we don’t know how many SMB customers there are and how many TouchPad will be re-produced, but HP’s supplier definitely stocks many spare parts for TouchPad, with which they are able to produce 10k TouchPad. All the suppliers asked HP to produce TouchPad as many as possible to empty their stocks of spare parts.