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3 million iPad Mini & iPad 4 Sold within 3 Days

Apple announced today that it sold three million iPads in three days. This figure includes sales of both the WiFi-only iPad mini and the WiFi-only iPad fourth generation. Apple points out that this figure doubles the number of WiFi third generation iPads it sold in the tablet’s opening weekend back in March.

iPad Mini

CEO Tim Cook said in a press release that “customers around the world love the new iPad mini and fourth generation iPad.” He added, “we set a new launch weekend record and practically sold out of iPad minis. We’re working hard to build more quickly to meet the incredible demand.”

These numbers are expected to increase in the coming weeks when Apple starts selling the cellular versions of the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad.


iPad mini vs iPad

Even though iPad mini may come in a smaller package, it still packs a lot of screen real estate into its form factor with its 7.9″ display compared to iPad’s 9.7″. In fact, the display-to-size ratio is significantly better on iPad mini. For the trade-off in dimensions, iPad mini provides a superior screen real estate that will not feel all that cramped for regular iPad users. Exactly how much of the display does iPad mini, with its absolutely immense reduction in size and weight, pack compared to iPad? Read on for the specifics.

iPad 2 and iPad mini

Calculating the area of strictly the display of both tablets provides a more intricate, reliable comparison than simply the diagonal sizes of 9.7″ and 7.9″. The iPad’s display area is slightly over 45 square inches while iPad mini sizes in at 29.6, representing a 34% difference between the tablets’ displays. If we compare the entire surface area of each, iPad mini comes in at a reasonably-tiny 41.7 squares inches as iPad comes at the 40% sizable price of 69.5 square inches.

There is simply no comparison between iPad and iPad mini’s size when we take what very well may be a tablet’s most perturbing issue into account: weight. A 52% reduction makes iPad figuratively feel like holding a full computer while the mini could be considered just a few pieces of paper. Factor in how iPad mini fits a similar tablet design inside a 23% thinner chassis, and iPad mini feels like the future of tablets. If only its internals were not so painfully outdated.

Nonetheless, iPad mini will display the same exact amount of content as its older counterpart since it sports a proportionate 1024×768 resolution. So if your iPad can fit twelve items or images on the display at a time in a certain app, then the app will appear with twelve items/images on the mini as long as developers do not decide to scale up artwork and text (which is unlikely); i.e. such as how a 15″ display with a 1080p resolution will be able to fit the amount of content as a 60″ TV with a 1080p resolution. Despite having a miniaturized display, iPad mini will not display less than iPad by default.

With 66% of iPad’s display, iPad mini manages to not only boast 40% smaller surface dimensions but also maintains a 23% thinner profile and most importantly: a 52% reduction in weight. Dropping down to a 7.9″ display (even though it is an antique; a fairly standard screen lacking Retina that we desperately hope is upgraded in the next iteration) may not seem like such a terribly big difference, now does it?


iPad Mini and Thinner & Faster 9.7 Inch iPad will be released Same Day?

During an announcement event centering around the new, 7.85″ iPad mini, Apple may spring another surprise on us with the introduction of a revised, fourth-generation standard 9.7″ iPad. The refreshed iPad would boast features that bring it in-line with Apple’s latest technologies, including a further-improved display. Admittedly, it would make sense for Apple to share iPad mini’s spotlight with its trend-setting precursor.

If Apple were to break the 9.7″ iPad’s release cycle, the move would at the very least add the much-speedier A6 chip found in iPhone 5 that Apple designed in-house. Those in need of another Lightning cable around their house can rejoice since the new iPad would also include the shrunken Lightning connector.

As its products are getting diminutively thin, it should also come as no surprise that the fourth-generation iPad will take further steps to downsize. The addition of Sharp’s power-efficient IGZO display technology would contribute to a thinner, possibly improved Retina Display. As a result of this along with further component changes, battery life could also be improved.

iPad mini

Utilizing a chip similar to what is found in iPhone 5, international 4G LTE support would also be added to the new iPad. More color options could also find their way into the mix, if recent product launches are any indication.

Part numbers have leaked for the iPad mini and what has been speculated to be a new iPad, adding to the release fire with 12 different SKU numbers for the mini joining 12 for what may be its full-sized 9.7″ alternative.

Editor’s take: As the majority of its lineup’s upgrades have been moved to a fall timeframe, it does seem sensible that Apple could decide to move one of its hottest-selling devices to right before the holiday season as well. After all, who wants to give an iPad knowing that it will be vastly improved in the spring?

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iPad Mini to Be Released This Month

We know “iPad mini” is coming, which is seemingly unbeknownst to the rumor whirlwind. Its announcement timeframe should remain within the bounds of the month, on Tuesday, October 23 to be more specific. According to our previous report, it is said to be a smaller event than a regular keynote, fitting for the tablet.

Amongst an invitation-only crowd of mainly press and media, Apple would be set to unveil the 7.85″ iPad mini on a tradition-breaking, dissident day of the week for this type of event if AllThingsD‘s sources “familiar with Apple’s plans” are to be believed.

iPad Mini

iBooks are reportedly set to be front-and-center in the spotlight for this event as Apple focuses on re-emphasizing and promoting its virtual bookstore.

Microsoft is about to release its first in-house developed tablet on Friday later that week, a time where iPad mini would be taking the spotlight. Choosing October 23 could be strategic timing as iPad mini will be fresh in the market’s minds, making for a situation in which consumers would be hard-pressed to hear about Microsoft Surface tablet without a mention of that week’s newly-announced Apple tablet.

Look out for the 7.85″ addition to the iPad lineup, the world will be watching October 23 if the date rings true.


iPad Mini Battery Revealed

Aviso is relvealing a pair of photos showing what is claimed to be the battery from Apple’s forthcoming “iPad mini”. The photos show a battery carrying a model number of A1445 and an Apple part number of 616-0641. The battery runs at 3.72 volts, offering 16.7 Whr of energy on 4490 mAh of charge.

ipad mini battery

While we can not confirm the authenticity of the part, the markings are consistent with those seen on batteries from other Apple products. The battery’s proportions also seem to fit fairly well with what is expected for the iPad mini, although the exact dimensions of the part are unknown.

The 16.7 watt-hour capacity for the iPad mini battery unsurprisingly places the device between the iPhone 5 at 5.45 watt-hours and the third-generation full-size iPad at 42.5 watt-hours. Given that the iPad mini has been said to be based more on the iPad 2 and lack a Retina display, the iPad mini’s battery may be more appropriately compared to the 25 watt-hour battery of the iPad 2.

ipad mini battery

The battery is clearly not yet an official part ready for shipping, as it contains placeholders for several portions of regulatory text and blank rectangular placeholders for a number of regulatory logos. It seems likely, however, that this is the final design simply awaiting final certification.

Apple is expected to introduce the iPad mini at a media event all but confirmed to be scheduled for October 23.