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HTC Raider 4G Released in South Korea – Supporting LTE 4G

htc raider

Currently, HTC released a new smartphone named Raider 4G in South Korea. This new phone supports the LTE 4G network. It is said that this phone is exactly the rumored HTC Holiday, which has been exposed many times.

Let us browse and check the official publised specification of HTC Raider 4G:
–4.5 inch qHD(540X 940) IPS touch screen
–high pass MSM 8660 Snapdragon chip, include 1.5GHz dual core Scorpion processor, Anreno 220 graphic processor and 1GB RAM.
–built in 16GB storage and micro SD card socket.
–8 million pixel postposition camera, 28mm wide angle F/2.2 shot camera lens, support 1080p high definition video.
–1.3 million pixel preposition camera, support 720p high definition shoot.
–support the LTE 4G network, Wi-Fi, GPS, and blue tooth.
–1620 mAh lithium battery.
–dimension of the frame:28.8mm×67mm× 11.27mm
As it is said , HTC Raider 4G runs Android2.3 Gingerbread system and the latest HTC sense 3.5 customer interface. In a word the hardware is at top level.

The main selling point for HTC Raider 4G is the LTE 4G network, It is reported that download/upload speed of HTC Raider 4G can stably keep between 8Mbps and 10 Mbps, which enables users to smoothly browse the network. Morever, the combination of 1.5GHz dual core processor and Adreno 220 graphic processor also make the user easy to play the game and process the data.

This new phone will come into the market in South Korea in September, and will be customer made sold by the operator SK. It will be sold in other countries around October, but we don’t know the sell price . AT&T has got the USA operating right for this phone HTC Raider 4G. But there is still no news for the rumored HTC Raider 4G with AT&T GSM network.


HTC Rhyme Released – Designed for Women

HTC Rhyme

Maybe most of us remember the reports about the upcoming HTC Media invitation for the release of new mysterious products in NewYork USA on 20th, Sept. Now this new special products has been already published by the HTC officially. Same as previous prediction, HTC released the new Android smartphone designed for women on schedule. But thisn new phone was officially named as HTC Rhyme, rather than the rumored HTC Bliss.

HTC official news reports that HTC Rhyme is the Android smartphone which is specialy designed for the women user. And it will sell firstly by the USA operator “Verizon Wireless”. Now Verizon has already announced the exactly sell time is at the end of this month, 29th, Sept. The contracted price is su$ 199 with two years’ contract. It would be expected to be on come to Europe next month.

Same time of HTC Rhyme released, many kinds of special parts for wemon are also released, include exclusive dock station, sports armband, blue tooth headset and the most charming pendant” charm cable”. when you have a miss call or message, this pendant will flash and remind you to check. It is said that all the spare parts are well matched with HTC Rhyme.

In addition, the Verizon version HTC Rhyme will offer Lavender, Rose and Chocolate for selection.

Here are the standard specifications of HTC Rhyme:
–3.7 inch WVGA display screen
–QUALCOMM single core S2 MSM8655 1GHz processor
–integrated Adreno 205 graphic processor
–built in 4GB storage and 768MB RAM
–5 million pixel and automatically focusing camera. LED flash light, front camera.
–Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread operating system, the latest Sense UI 3.5 operate interface.
–1600mAh battery
–supports the 3G, EV-DO, Wi-Fi, GPS; 3.5mm earphone connector.


QNX from RIM – compete with iOS and Android


In revious time, it reported that RIM’s revenues continue to decline and stock prices fell sharply. o reverse this situation, RIM decided to promote a new smart phone QNX in the developer conference next month. This new Blackberry phone will be the last fight for the RIM company to catch the iOS and Android.

ONX OS will support the application developed based on other platform(especially Android) for the Blackberry users. Meanwhile, this system  also can support the muti media and multitask. Considering the Blackberry currently released Os 7.0, we are regret to tell you it is incompatible with QNS OS. RIM company said, they hope to solve this compatible problem for these two systems in the following six or eight months.

To take the new system, it indeed will make RIM more competitive, but it also will have some problem in the same time. RIM need time to solve the compatible problem of these two system. Furthermore the competition in the phone market become harder and harder, they will not stop to wait for RIM ready.

We know that Apple is already released their beta version of iOS 5 , and Google will also release their new system Android 4.0 in next month. So when the RIM release their new Blackberry in the first half of next year, none of us knows what will happen to the new market situation.

According to another report, we got to know now the sales of Blackberry Playbook are not very good, and the sales is constant to decrease. In order to solve this problem, the Blackberry CEO Jim Balsille said in the teleconference ” the Blackberry Playbook will update the system soon, and the updated Blackbeery playbook will show to the customer on the next week developer conference.

The updated Blackberry playbook will be added more functions, such the email, contact person, calendar and new Android Appplayer. Meanwhile the updated Blackberry playbook will also support the Blackbeery video store, which enables uses to watch the tens of thousands of movie and TV in the video store via playbook.


Ultrathin – HTC Runnymede Official Images Released

Ultrathin - HTC Runnymede

All of us know there is a lot of rumour about HTC runnymede overspread in the past few days, but seems that no offical news about it for HTC till today.

Recently, there is a RUnnymede report hit us. it is the official image of HTC Runnymede. According to report from the eprice China website, HTC Runnymeda inherit the consistent design style of  HTC smart phone. From the below side view photo, we can see the case of this phone is ultrathin and only 9.9 millimeter.

It is said that this phone is the upgraded version of HTC Tian. However HTC Tian runs the Windows Phone 7 system and HTC Runnymeda carry with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread system, and also it take the newest Sense UI interface. Meanwhile , HTC Runnymede takes the 4.7 inch WVGA display screen and work with the 1.5 GHz single core processor, and memory space is 16GB or 32GB. From the Beats Audio marks in the picture, we got to know this phone carry with the Beats Audio sound system.

Till now HTC have not officially released the Runnymdea to the public. Maybe it will rename when they officially to be released. We did not know the exactly price and release time of this phone, but there is some news showed that this phone will expect to release in next week at earliest time.

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HTC Sensation XE is Coming

HTC Sensation XE

According to the news on 14th, HTC released their new phone HTC Sensation XE, which is the first integrated Beats Audio phone. This new flagship phone owns the high fidelity audio which provide the customer with the multi-media experience and also make a new audio standard in the phone market.

The new phone carry with the 1.5GHz Dual core processor, and equip with the 4.3 inch touch screen. Furthermore, compareing with the prior flagship phone, the HTC Sensation XE got some varying degree improvement in the working performance and battery. Although it need to suport the running of 1.5 GHZ dual core processor, but the battery still can keep a long time. It also means can support the longer time in communication, listening the music, watching the video and browsing the website.

The HTC global marketing manager Jason Mackenzie said, “the quality of the audio is the most important performance for the customer, and HTC always dedicate to improve the quality of the audio. And also compare with the prior phone, this HTC Sensation XE has visible improvement in the music playing, video recording and watch, as well as the phone games. We believe this HTC Senstation XE can offer the great performance to the customer.”

HTC Sensation XE is the first phone to integrate the Beats Audio System. When the customer take their equipped earphone Beats by. Dr.Dre to listen to the music, the earphone will automatically convert to the prior set audio file. In this way, it can provide the customer with high quality Audio track.

In addition, HTC Sensation XE still be equiped with a Micro SD card (8GB/16GB), which can let customer to save more music. The special equipped ear inset earphone Beats by Dr. Dre owns the remote control function, when the customer listen to the music, they can control the on/off, last music/next music, take and cancel off the phone by the earphone, even the phone is in the pocket.

According to the reports end of this month, this HTC Sensation XE phone will sell in the European, Middle East, Africa and the Asian- Pacific Region. But we still did not know the exactly release time and sale price.

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