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Blackberry Curve Touch 9380 (Orlando) Exposed

Blackberry Curve Touch 9380 (Orlando)

Although the RIM did not officially release the BlackBerry Curve Touch 9380, the Spy shot has already exposed. From this Spy shot picture, we got to know the design of this phone looks like the Blackberry Bold in the top view, and it also a little like Blackberry Torch 9850 in the bottom view. However from the back view, this phone is more looks like our familiar phone Blackberry Curve.

According to the report from BGR website, this Blackberry Curve Touch 9380 also name as Orlando. This phone take the 3.25 inch touch screen, 800MHz single core processor, and 1GB flash memory, working with the  blackberry 7Os operation system. Meanwhile, this phone equip with the 5 million pixel postposition camera , which can take the 720p video. Also this Blackberry  Curve Touch 9380 supports the NFC wireless telecommunication technology.

It is said that this phone will be released in the following few months, but according to the information from the staff of Telus company, this phone will be released more earlier. And also the sale price of this phone will not too high. So If you want to purchase this new touch Blackberry, pls keep anticipating on it.

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QNX from RIM – compete with iOS and Android


In revious time, it reported that RIM’s revenues continue to decline and stock prices fell sharply. o reverse this situation, RIM decided to promote a new smart phone QNX in the developer conference next month. This new Blackberry phone will be the last fight for the RIM company to catch the iOS and Android.

ONX OS will support the application developed based on other platform(especially Android) for the Blackberry users. Meanwhile, this system  also can support the muti media and multitask. Considering the Blackberry currently released Os 7.0, we are regret to tell you it is incompatible with QNS OS. RIM company said, they hope to solve this compatible problem for these two systems in the following six or eight months.

To take the new system, it indeed will make RIM more competitive, but it also will have some problem in the same time. RIM need time to solve the compatible problem of these two system. Furthermore the competition in the phone market become harder and harder, they will not stop to wait for RIM ready.

We know that Apple is already released their beta version of iOS 5 , and Google will also release their new system Android 4.0 in next month. So when the RIM release their new Blackberry in the first half of next year, none of us knows what will happen to the new market situation.

According to another report, we got to know now the sales of Blackberry Playbook are not very good, and the sales is constant to decrease. In order to solve this problem, the Blackberry CEO Jim Balsille said in the teleconference ” the Blackberry Playbook will update the system soon, and the updated Blackbeery playbook will show to the customer on the next week developer conference.

The updated Blackberry playbook will be added more functions, such the email, contact person, calendar and new Android Appplayer. Meanwhile the updated Blackberry playbook will also support the Blackbeery video store, which enables uses to watch the tens of thousands of movie and TV in the video store via playbook.