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Want to Change Your iPod Touch 4 into Attractive Colors?

Want to Change Your iPod Touch 4 into Attractive Colors?

iPod touch 4 was released as schedule, which is a long expecting to all those iFans. All of us was suprised by it’s new design, high performced hardware and excellenct HD lcd screen display. In a word it was really a amazing release.

However are you tired of the plain black of white color of you iPod touch 4? If yes Aviso here supplies different color front screen assembly, to those people who always chasing their own individuation. So are you expecting change you iPod touch 4 into otehr colors, such as shinning mirror gold screen, or the attractive sea blue lcd+digitizer assembly? or the mirror blue? of course it’s no problem, all the color front screen assembly for iTouch 4 can be found in this iPod screen replacement category.

ipod touch 4 blue screen digitizer

Aviso Enterprise, the iPhone parts supplier from China, is able to achieve this and stocks large qty for this kind for lcd screen assembly for iTouch 4th. Under the demand of the market Aviso developed series attractive colorful front screen assembly for iPod touch 4. Following is what we do for our customers. Are they attactive and luxury? you can find your lovely iPod touch 4 screen replacements and change by yourself.

ipod touch 4 mirror blue screen digitizer

However you are unfamiliar with how to change, you can find iPod touch 4 repair guides,that’s is.