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iPad 3 LCD Screen Display Revealed?

Few days ago, a rumore about the new iPad 3 to be announced on Steve Jobs’ birthday. Today new iPad 3 parts are leaked. It is reported that iPad 3 lcd screen display was revealed on a Korean forum website. However, no more informations was found, just claimed to be an image of the next generation iPad 3 display panel.

iPad 3 lcd screen display

It is believed that the top image represents the current iPad 2 screen, while the bottom image is the supposed iPad 3 screen display. Both the screen are in 9.7 inch, but obviously they have different felx cables.

As you can see there are 3 brown ribbon cables leading from the screen itself to the circuit board. The small brown cable to the far left is the power cable, while the other two wide cables are for display data. This configuration matches with the top display in the leaked photo.

The claimed iPad 3 photo shows 3 wide ribbon cables that might be used for data. The iPad 3 is expected to carry a high resolution screen of 2048×1536 which is four times the number of pixels of the current iPad 2, so the need for additional data bandwidth would be understandable.

No other details are available. However along with more and more parts leaking on the, Apple is getting closer to production. Just last night, it is reported that Apple will adopt a new type of display to replace current lcd screen ion iPad2, in the purpose to achieve higher resolutions and lower power consumption in the iPad 3. The iPad 3 is expected to be launched during the first half of 2012, and some rumors said it may be announced on Steve Jobs’ birthday.


iPad 3 – 2 New Models with Double Battery Capacity

For the time being, we heard so many rumors about new iPad 3 by Apple which may be announced next year. Earlier news reporteds that the new iPad 3 will be released on Steve Jobs’ birthday next year. However Digitimes from Taiwan now is reporting that Apple is planning to annonce the iPad next month. Meanwhile the new battery in doubled capacity.

ipad 3 double battery

The battery capacity for Apples new iPad – due to be unveiled in January 2012 – will be increased to 14,000mAh compared to 6,500mAH used currently for iPad 2 battery, according to industry sources.

As usual, more rumors from Digitimes mentioned that Apple will announce two separate models of the iPad, one for the high-end market and the other filling in the mid-range segment. While 7-inch iPad persist, keeping the iPad 2 around the way the previous year’s iPhone is usually kept around could be another alternative.

As to a January launch, that feels more like a rumor designed to hurt current iPad sales than anything fitting Apple’s previous release record. What’s your opinion on the rumors about new iPad 3 with doubled battery capacity? Join us and let’s share what you are thinking.


New Rubber/Plastic Material Used on New iPhone 5 Next Year

You may have heard so many rumors about next generation phone by Apple – iPhone 5 in complete new design. BGR report shows that Apple is planning to announce a completely redesigned iPhone in 2012.

new iphone 5

It is reported that the 6th gen iPhone – iPhone 5 may come with an aluminium back case like the original iPhone, which is different from the glass back cover used in iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. Meantime BGR also claims that Apple may be considering to use the material used in bumper cases in the new iPhone 5, which could be used as the front bezel to join the iPhone screen with the new aluminum back panel.

We have also learned that Apple is planning to use a rubber or plastic material — similar to the material used in the bumper cases — that will be built into the new iPhone case. In all likelihood, this material will be used as a bezel surrounding the front edge of the phone and it will perform in two purposes. First, it will join the glass iPhone face with a new aluminum back plate. It will also cover a redesigned antenna system that surrounds the device, allowing Apple to build the rear case out of aluminum without having to use a large plastic insert above the antennas, which is different compared to that design on iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.

BGR doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to Apple related product rumors lately, so we would take this with a pinch of salt.  But Apple is widely expected to launch a redesigned iPhone next year after the launch of iPhone 4S, which looks like iPhone 4.

According the reports from BGR, Apple will launch sixth genetation iPhone – iPhone 5 in the fall of next year just like iPhone 4S. Let us know what you think about the possibility of a completely redesigned iPhone with aluminium back panel, and join by dicussion in following.


Another Rumor: Cheaper iPad 2 Next Year Instead of iPad Mini?

Remenber that few days ago Aviso reproted that 7.85 inch iPad mini will would be announced next year by Apple, to meet the strong demand for 7″ tablets from cutomers, However, an analyst claimed recently that Apple will not be adding one to its product line next year. Instead, a cheaper iPad 2 would be released.

According to Blair, contrary to rumors Apple will not be releasing a 7″ iPad, unofficially dubbed “iPad mini.” He cited various reasons, but the words of Steve Jobs were among the most prominent, and AllThingsD pulled out the particular quote.

cheaper iPad 2

“One naturally thinks that a 7-inch screen would offer 70 per cent of the benefits of a 10-inch screen,” Jobs said during a 2010 earnings call. “Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. The reason we won’t make a 7-inch tablet isn’t because we don’t want to hit a lower price point, it’s because we think the screen is too small to express the software. As a software driven company, we think about the software strategies first.”

It’s no secret that Apple’s been testing 7″ tablets, as Blair freely admits, but in his view Apple will not be releasing it in 2012. Part of the appeal of a smaller tablet is the price point. Smaller tablets are usually priced in the mid-level price range, below $400. Blair thinks Apple will use a different strategy to hit that tier:

“We believe Apple is highly likely to keep the iPad 2 on the production line after the launch of iPad 3 and offer it at a lower price point in an effort to address demand at the mid-tier, what we view as the $249 to $499 range. We believe iPad 2′s price could drop to the $349 to $399 range with Apple offering a single 16GB model.”

Keeping the iPad 2 alongside the new iPad 3 at a cheaper price point will definitely give Apple a way to hit that lower tier without forcing users to deal with screens that are “too small to express the software.”

What is your comments on the iPad mini in 7 inch screen? OR will you buy a cheaper iPad 2 Leave message below and join the discussion.


Apple to Announce iPad 3 Next Year, On Steve Jobs’ Birthday?

It is rumored theat Apple will launch the third generation iPad early next year. All of us know Apple’s previous track rocord – launched the Wi-Fi version of the original iPad 1on April 3rd in 2010 and iPad 2 on March 11th, 2011.

Therefore it is likely that Apple will launch iPad 3 by mid-March or early April. But it looks like Apple wants to launch it in February, according to 9 to 5 Mac, who reports that Apple is putting pressure on its manufacturing partners to meet deadlines that allow it launch iPad 3 on Steve Jobs’ birthday, February 24th.

FocusTaiwan claims that they’ve received this information from sources in Taiwanese makers in Apple’s supply chain:

After the iPhone 4S successfully took the tech market by storm, the iPad 3 is widely expected to be Apple’s first hit product to be released next year. Industry sources said the first shipment of the iPad3 could exceed 4 million units. Because it is a new gadget, it is taking time for makers in the supply chain to raise their yield rates. The sources said all OEM and ODM makers have exercised great caution in ensuring the smooth operations of their production lines.

iPad 3

To ensure that it is launched on Steve Jobs’ birthday, 9 to 5 Mac reports that a number of Apple’s manufacturing partners will be giving their employees limited time off for Lunar New Year holidays:

Foxconn, Apple’s favorite contract manufacturer, is reportedly asking employees at its iPad division to only take five days off during the Lunar New Year holiday. Catcher Technology, a rumored maker of iPad 3’s case, reportedly said “at least some of its employees will have to work overtime during the Lunar New Year holiday.” Battery maker Simplo Technology, connector maker Amer International Group and optical lens supplier Genius Electronic Optical are all believed to have asked employees involved in the project to shorten their holiday.

What do you think of iPad 3 and are you feeline excited after reading this news? Get ready to upgrad your iPad 2 to the new iPad 3.