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The difference between iPhone 4S Mid Chassis & iPhone 4 Mid Chassis

Finally iPhone 4S was released this October but isn’t so surprised as few changes on the iPhone 4S compared to iPohne 4. However acctually there are many difference between new iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

iPhone 4s mid chassis

Today let’s focus on the mid chassis plate. The main difference is the antenna separation gap on the mid plate chassis. iPhone 4S mid chassis plate features four antenna separation gaps, one at each corner of the device. In contrast, the iPhone 4 mid plate only has three of these black lines.

Although these changes to the iPhone frame are likely a redesign of the antenna, it’s not clear if the changes are to accommodate the Verizon Wireless LTE network or simply to reduce the attenuation issues experienced by some users. Apple decided to distribute free cases to iPhone 4 owners last year due to complaints that the iPhone 4 dropped calls when held a certain way.

The ensuing media storm was dubbed “Antennagate” even though the iPhone 4 external antenna design was more sensitive to low strength cellular signals. Those who are having problems with their iPhone 4 can still request a free case from Apple.

It shows that Apple moved the mute button down slightly to accommodate one of the antenna separation gaps. Both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 have SIM card slots in the same place.


iPhone 5 & iPhone 4s appear on Cincinnati

iPhone 5


All of us know Apple will releasd the new iPhone tomorrow, whatever is iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s. However a apple fan claimed that he discovered that the new iPhone appearred on a website Cincinnati, a carirre in the US.

Today an Aviso reader reports that he had captured from his web browser while perusing the i-Wireless prepaid cell phone section of the Cincinnati Bell website. The screenshot shows a placeholder for an iPhone 5 with no image and no “Add to basket” purchase button.

A quick look at the site now shows that the placeholder has been removed. There are some fascinating things about this — first, Cincinnati Bell is a regional carrier in the US, not a major carrier like AT&T or Verizon. Second, the website is for a pay-as-you-go program. Finally, the specs that are listed for the phone show an 8MP camera, 4G speeds (Cory notes that Cincinnati Bell’s network uses HSPA+), and a 4″ screen. Those specifications align with most of the previous rumors that we’ve heard about the device.

Whether or not this all means something will be determined on Tuesday, when Apple will hold its iPhone event in Cupertino. Be sure to join us on Tuesday beginning at 1 PM EDT / 10 AM PDT for our liveblog of the event.
iPhone 4S

Also another Apple fan disclosed a screenshot from the same site. This one shows a low-cost iPhone 4S device with different specifications than the rather expensive iPhone 5 shown above.

Update 2: A different website is claiming that only the iPhone 4s will be announced, based on strings that were allegedly found in a pre-release beta of iTunes. A source revealed that no such text strings were found in any of the recent beta releases of iTunes.

While we’re excited about the screenshots shown here, it should be noted that as with all information that appears ahead of a new product announcement, they should be not be considered as reality until such announcements are actually made … or not.